“Do not be too moral. You may cheat yourself out of much life. Aim above morality. Be not simply good; be good for something.” –Thoreau

29 January 2009

Let's look very closely...

if billions of suspended dust particles amplify the sunset
if there really is a difference between mushrooms and toadstools
if cat whiskers can sense a mouse scuttling behind a wall
and floodwaters still elude us, overtaking their concrete banks

if an elephant can feel thunderstorms rumble hundreds of miles away
if phytoplankton and zooplankton choose to peak in season
if mountain goats can teach their young to walk on vertical hillsides
and geysers have survived hundreds of years, only to be siphoned off for tourists

if a mother cat can adopt an orphaned piglet and love it as her own
if box turtles continue to outlive us
if volcanic ash can cross continents and oceans
and sunflower faces persist in following the sun

Tell me then, Friedrich Wilhelm,
how dead can God be?

15 January 2009

Thoughts on the El.

"She was the sort of woman who looked up from her book to discover a man across the aisle, newspaper lying in his lap, staring at her thoughtfully-- as if she were the most pleasant place to rest one's eyes. As if men on the train needed something lovely to look at while they contemplated nothing at all. Yes, she was just that sort of girl."

05 January 2009

In honor of a dear friend.

she does it every day

I’m just like


so I-

so we were going to write our whole presentation off this one guy’s information?

but man, we have one professor who nails them,
nails them,
pins them to a wall but,
like, he asks hard questions.

we can’t do any research of what’s currently
going on, but then he nails you with
questions and it’s mean.

and then he’s like, “And:”
and he goes on to tell me how to say “bra,” and “cervix,” and “womb”
in German when I told him I
knew how to say “exit.”

And it was weird.

I’m sure there are other German words.